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Whether you are new to practice, having challenges or already serving with success, Chiropassion Consulting Inc, provides you with all the essential tools, experience and knowledge to Empower you in Chiropractic Practice. 


In developing a successful practice you need a structured business plan and to implement this plan everyday with Passion and Vision. Our programs offer you all the necessary tools, enabling you to take your practice to the next level of growth. You will learn the procedures to educate a patient and their families on utilizing chiropractic care for the rest of their lives for "Lifetime Family Wellness".  We will provide you with specific systems, protocols, and procedures, leading you towards a Better Life, Financial Success, and Practice Mastery. Chiropassion Consulting Inc is here for one Purpose, to take you and your practice towards further progress and massive success. Transformation means you will now can take control, to create a practice that you, your family, and your community will use for their health care needs for generations to come, leaving behind a legacy to be proud of.

 Clients receive:

  • Initial NEW Client Consulting Package including our digital manual, 100’s of training online videos, public lectures, PowerPoints and powerful marketing and office forms
  • One-on-One Weekly Call-24 calls a year with Dr. Joe Borio for intense growth and mastery
  • Over 200 education handouts all accessible via Client Website Login
  • Invitation to THREE Practice Mastery Summite events, 1 mastermind event in an exotic location, 2 In Office Borio Bootcamps for you and your CA team
  •  One weekly webinar group consulting call (1 hour) - 44 per year:
  • CA Mastery - One bi-weekly group C.A. call -office and billing procedures (45 minutes) 20 per year


Online registration to Chiropassion Consulting, Inc and site training pages

  • 52 Points of Practice Training and Growth
  • Financial Mastery and Growth
  • Consultation advice on time Management Evaluation
  • Business Consulting including advice on any all purchasing contracts, leases, renting space & equipment
  • Training you on Dr. Joe’s day-to-day office procedures
  • Training you on Dr. Joe's staff scripts
  • Consultation advice on Office layout and design
  • Consultation advice on equipment layout & evaluation of equipment use, needs & purchases
  • Consultation advice on computer software & evaluation of computer equipment use, needs & purchases
  • Consultation advice on monthly evaluations of office goals, statistics, and personal goals
  • Consultation advice on practice exit strategy (i.e. retirement, when & how to do it)
  •   And so much more

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  (315) 505-4128
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We are a mentoring and consulting company teaching entrepreneurial business and leadership skills, inspiring and leading chiropractors and their teams to transform, master, and to continually progress creating a legacy of success for your practice and your life.