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Chiropassion One-on-One Program


Mastery One-On-One Program

    Clients receive:

  • All Features of the "Growth and Mastery" Program
  • One-on-One Weekly Call – 44 calls a year with Chiropassion Trainers and Coaches for intense growth and mastery
  • Invite to Annual Mastermind Event

    Growth and Mastery Features:

  • Initial NEW Client Consulting Package including our digital manual, 100’s of training online videos, public lectures, PowerPoints and powerful marketing and office forms
  • Over 200 education handouts all accessible via Client Website Login
  • Invitation to all Chiropassion Consulting, Inc events per year for client doctor and all CA’s (Not including Mastermind Event)
  • One day visit and training at Dr Borio’s office (Friday ONLY) for you and your staff
  • One weekly webinar group consulting call (1.5 hours) - 44 per year:
  • CA Mastery - One bi-weekly group C.A. call -office and billing procedures (45 minutes) 20 per year

    Online registration to Chiropassion Consulting, Inc and site training pages

  • 52 Points of Practice Training and Growth
  • Financial Mastery and Growth
  • Consultation advice on time Management Evaluation
  • Business Consulting including advice on any all purchasing contracts, leases, renting space & equipment
  • Training you on Dr. Joe’s day-to-day office procedures
  • Training you on Dr. Joe's staff scripts
  • Consultation advice on Office layout and design
  • Consultation advice on equipment layout & evaluation of equipment use, needs & purchases
  • Consultation advice on computer software & evaluation of computer equipment use, needs & purchases
  • Consultation advice on monthly evaluations of office goals, statistics, and personal goals
  • Consultation advice on practice exit strategy (i.e. retirement, when & how to do it)

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