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Bundle Package - $ 925.00

Bundle Savings on CD/DVD package includes numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 - $925 (plus 2 free DVDs your choice)

Cal Jam - $ 197

Dr. Joe's Best On Stage Performance! Watch Dr Joe deliver his BEST philosophy, science and practice advice ever on stage in California in front of 1500 chiropractors. It is a must to watch in the morning at the office before you start your day adjusting. This is packed with chiropractic subluxation science, philosophy and offers you strategies, information and tips to enhance your chiropractic conversations.

EPOC Philosophy Discussion - $ 75.00

This is packed with chiropractic philosophy, science and daily office strategies and tips to enhance your chiropractic conversations with your patients. Dr Joe’s Philosophy Talk given at EPOC.

Financial Close - $ 195

The perfect patient script conversation with direct dialog on how to handle financial questions, objections and concerns for many patients and that explains the importance of a healthy body through chiropractic care and putting the emphasis on health, while explaining how financially chiropractic care is affordable to everyone instead of medical/pharmacy bills.

Food for Thought - Nutrition Class - $ 75.00

The perfect DVD filled with Dr. Joe’s Nutrition talk information. The perfect addition to chiropractic care that helps inform and educates patients toward lifetime family wellness.

Guide to a Perfect Patient - $ 195.00

The perfect patient DVD that guides and explains to patients chiropractic care from first visit, 9 re-exam visits and wedging instructions.

Handling Objections / Re-Exam - $ 125

The perfect script conversation that deals with patients’ objections and concerns, and how to emphasize the importance of lifetime chiropractic wellness.

Health Handouts - $ 195.00

Daily patient education handouts. This CD is packed with 100+ full color patient health handouts. These are used every day in Dr Joe’s practice. Hand them out every day, week, or month. Use them as email and/or newsletters. Put them on your website. They will change the conversation into chiropractic health every time.

How to Perform Successful Spinal Screenings - $ 195

The most amazing complete package that is informative and packed full of everything you need. This includes a check list of “Things to bring to a spinal screening,” the scripts you should incorporate into your event, and a DVD loaded with everything you show know, say, do, step-by-step. This gives you the tools to perform successful spinal screenings.

Marketing Bundle - $ 195

This is packed with Dr Joe’s marketing materials, patient coupons, Monday night tricks and PowerPoint presentations and has information and tips to enhance your chiropractic conversations and strategies to help with patient growth and retention.

• Dinner w/Doctor
• Office Forms
• Patient Coupons
• Monday Night PowerPoint Presentation

Monday Night Talk - $ 195

The perfect new patient video that is packed with information that Dr Joe presents to his new patients. This talk is filled with strategies, tips and healthy information all focusing on the basics of chiropractic wellness. A wonderful way to teach Doctors how and what to say to new patients to promote chiropractic value, importance and information for a healthy lifestyle.

New Patient and Office Forms - $ 125.00

The CD is filled with every form that we use in our office. I.e., new patient folder forms, booklets, staff/office in-house forms etc.

New Patient Exam Training - $ 125.00

The perfect new patient script conversation provides new patient’s with all the information to understand their body, healing process, spinal health importance, and basic chiropractic message.

New Patient, Post Consultation, Doctor Close - $ 195.00

The perfect new patient script conversation that emphasizes the importance of spinal care and how chiropractic works to promote a healthy body for a lifetime; and at the same time get to the point and provides the patient with information in a quick/short and effective timeframe

Office Flow - $ 50.00

The perfect video that shows patients using ChiroTouch self-check in, getting adjusted, checking out and how the flow is essentially effortless and orderly.

Philosophy Night - $ 125.00

This is packed with chiropractic philosophy and is the foundations of what we do and stand for. This DVD will put your mindset in the right place to deliver better adjustments and influence others about why they need chiropractic care.

Science of Subluxation - $ 125.00

This is packed with chiropractic science and cites many references on why and what we do that will change the health of every person adjusted. It is a must have for every chiropractor.

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